Mukul Sheth itself is a brand name in Architectural field. Visualization is common thing but to convert visualization into reality is God’s gift and I am glad that God has gifted me this wonderful skill.

When I started my journey, in the early years there were no gadgets discovered to design virtual plans and drawings, I used pencil, white paper and small scale to draw my artwork. World has changed entirely now and we can draw any complex plans and details with the help of computer and softwares. We can also simulate our plans before executing it, to get the better understanding.


During my journey, I saw tremendous revolutions in architectural field. Acceptance and adoption are two key factors to learn the new things that come to your way and I have accepted the latest technology and result is now history itself. When I started to work with International Brands, I realised apart from difference in culture, there’s a difference in the way of thinking and execution which has helped me to learn new things. Of course for International clients, their requirement for living is also different. After finishing 600+ National & International projects in last 5 decades, I’m still feeling that my best is yet to come.

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